King’s Lynn road ‘should move from monument’

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The road which passes through one of Lynn’s most historic monuments should be re-routed in order to help preserve it, a council committee has said.

The call to investigate the possibility of re-routing the road around the South Gate is one of 16 recommendations made by the Heritage Task Group, which will be considered by councillors next week.

The group, made up of councillors, council officials, business leaders and representatives of heritage groups such as the Lynn Civic Society, was set up last year to examine ways in which the town’s cultural assets should be maintained and enhanced.

Their report, published in papers to the council’s regeneration, environment and community panel, admitted that re-routing the road was a long-term aim over the next 10 to 20 years.

But it added: “There was concern that one of the premier historic buildings associated with the town was inaccessible because of its location at the centre of a busy road.”

Other recommendations, published ahead of the panel’s meeting next Wednesday, January 29, include a call for environment improvements at several sites in the town and talks with the owners of prominent buildings on the waterfront with a view to the council potentially buying them or using compulsary purchase powers to secure them.