King’s Lynn shoplifter arrested after returning for lost wallet

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They say it is never a good idea for a criminal to return to the scene of his crime.

But for one bungling Lynn shoplifter that is exactly what he decided to do after he discovered that, in making his getaway with his swag, he had dropped his wallet.

Incredibly the 27-year-old Lynn man decided to return to the Lidl store in Austin Street, Lynn, on Saturday morning to ask for his property back. But bemused police were summoned and he was arrested for earlier stealing £26 worth of meat from the supermarket.

Police said the man had dropped his wallet in the store’s car park, which was found by staff. When he returned he tried to exchange the meat for his wallet.

The man was initially detained by staff and then arrested by police.

He admitted the offence and accepted a caution after spending a short time in police cells.

However, the man was not charged with stealing the meat as his case did not meet the criteria given to police by the Attorney General.

Police said this meant that prior offences, value of the stolen produce and whether a prosecution would be in the public interest, were all factors taken into consideration.