King’s Lynn woman beats spine agony

Karol Tucker, scoliosis victim ANL-140514-135014001
Karol Tucker, scoliosis victim ANL-140514-135014001
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Lynn woman Karol Tucker has told of her joy at being freed from a debilitating physical condition that had left her practically disabled.

Mrs Tucker, was just about to turn 50 when she was given what she thought was a life sentence of pain and discomfort.

She was devastated when she was told that her spine was rapidly curving to the right with scoliosis.

She was also told that if her condition continued to progress that she would need to undergo a nine-hour operation which would involve having metal rods fitted down her back.

Mrs Tucker, a self-employed married mother of one, immediately feared the worse and at times thought she would end up in a wheelchair due to the excruciating pain she was suffering from.

The condition affects more than four per cent of the population and can lead to fatal heart and lung problems.

Mrs Tucker was crippled in pain on a daily basis. She hated her physical appearance and was getting desperate.

But after seeing a news story, she opted for a radical non-surgical treatment offered by a London clinic.

Although she was worried that she may be too old, she felt as if she had no alternative option and Karol booked in for an intensive four week course of treatment.

The treatment at Scoliosis SOS not only helped her physically but it also did wonders for her mind and how she felt about what she looked like.

Mrs Tucker has noticed a fantastic improvement in her posture and physical appearance; but most importantly she is now pain free for the first time in years. Karol continues to do half-an-hour of exercises each day which were designed by her therapist so that she can keep her pain at bay and avoid dangerous spinal fusion surgery.

Mrs Tucker, 57, said: “Being pain free has given me a new lease of life. I feel so much better about my body and have gained so much confidence. I cannot wait to get back in the garden this summer.

“I love spending time outside, and have missed out on a lot of the nice weather over the past few years due to the pain I was experiencing.

“The last few years were extremely scary; being in so much pain you think you will end up in a wheelchair is terrifying.

“It’s great to be back in control and to know that the clinic is always there to provide support. Scoliosis SOS not only helped with the physical aspect of my condition but it helped me to accept myself for who I am.”