KL.FM Off Air, by Ashleigh Tuttle, November 10, 2015

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So I’ve moved into my new house! When I moved back to good old King’s Lynn, I completely forgot that would mean moving in with my lovable but lunatic parents. My little brother has just left home to fly off to university, so although it felt less busy, it’s just not the same when you’ve been used to living on your own, doing your own thing and being independent like I had in my university-style accommodation.

My boyfriend and I looked around several houses, but we knew when we were shown around our house we just knew we had found the one. You know, you just get that feeling, the estate agent told me I’d be rubbish at poker because of the giant smile stretched across my face. With the kitchen being painted red we even had ideas for our interior decorating and accessorising!

Moving everything from my room was a pain, I had never realised how much of a hoarder I was with all the stuff I had stored until it all had to be packed away. Fitting my double bed through the narrow doorway was quite difficult, but we just about managed.

My cat Mitsey made the move harder. She wandered into my empty room, took a look around and then looked back at me, with the saddest little expression on her face. I would have loved to take her with me, but when we first moved into my parent’s house she took three days to come out of the cupboard!

It was really emotional having to say goodbye to my room. Sure, I’d had to do it once before when I left to go to university, but this time the room was empty, and everything was gone. It felt like my whole life in that house had been stripped away in that one afternoon. That sounds rather melodramatic, but it was a very weird/life-changing moment. Although my parents say it will always be my home I was never going to actually live in that house again.

So I hugged my mum and dad goodbye and drove 

It was weird walking into an almost empty house without them and thinking this is my home. It’s been really fun making it our own though, and it feels very grown-up to be able to say I have my own house! But I love it, although now I may actually have to start behaving like an adult!