KL.FM Off-Air by Charles Dennet, November 25, 2014

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Well, guess what? KL.FM has won another award! We’ve managed to win East Anglia Station Of The Year. It’s all pretty good, particularly when you consider we’ve now won it four years running.

Safe to say, we’re over the moon here. It’s nice for us, because it shows we aren’t just connecting with our listeners, but also with industry experts. For the radio anoraks in our office (Simon Rowe) it’s a bit of a pat on the back that they think we sound good.

It’s doubly nice though too, because we all pour lots of love and passion into everything we do here at KL.FM and it’s fantastic to have that rewarded. We’ve now won four regional awards and two national Sony awards in the last four years which really is something very special.

I suppose I should add that the coverage that was judged was broadcast before I worked at KL.FM, but I am claiming that my recent appearance on the airwaves was what really made the judges’ minds up for them!

I’m going to take this opportunity now to try and plug a little gem which you may not have heard, hidden away in the KL.FM schedule. On Sunday nights, if the X Factor and Strictly aren’t your thing, and you care about proper music by bands that have toured all over the country learning their trade (etc), then you need to listen to KL.FM Rocks.

It’s two hours of rock music from 7-9pm, pure and unadulterated with yours truly behind the microphone. We try and do a little bit of a health check on the local music scene with Triston from Twisted Melon, and profile a couple of local bands. I’m also keen to try and focus on newer rock music in the first hour, trying to bring rock fans bands or songs they may not have heard before.

The second hour though is all about the classics, plenty of killer riffs, air drums and howling vocals. I also combine rock music and news for the rock music news (they’re the two things I love after all). It’s brilliant that KL.FM are up for playing that sort of music in my view, and I love picking all the songs we get to play.

The other big thing in our minds on the news desk (apart from awards and rocking out) is road safety. We’re speaking more and more regularly to our local MPs about potential upgrades to the A47 coming soon, something that we are hugely excited about both for West Norfolk’s economy AND the safety of the region’s drivers. Fingers crossed it all happens very soon. We’ve also been popping out to local schools, delivering our new Be Safe Be Seen reflective stickers for children to put on their coats when going to and from school now the nights are drawing in – more than 13,000 of them!

The safety of West Norfolk and Wisbech’s roads is something we’re very passionate about here at KL.FM, so it goes without saying – keep your eyes peeled now the dark evenings are here, and during those foggy mornings!