KL.FM Off-Air, by Charles Dennett, October 21, 2014

charles dennett ANL-140509-164135001
charles dennett ANL-140509-164135001
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I’m about a month into my time at KL.FM and it all seems to be going pretty well (I think).

You may have heard me gracing the airwaves with Ryan and Si on Daytime and Hometime, but I have been doing the odd early morning start with Adam and Jake too. Getting up that early all the time is not something I envy, let me tell you!

What can I tell you after a month at West Norfolk and Wisbech’s best radio station? Well, it’s really good fun for one. Second, the stories I’ve been fortunate enough to cover in news have been pretty interesting too.

Speaking to Nikki Scott, from Scotty’s Little Soldiers, was a real highlight. I interviewed her after she’d been down to London for the Pride of Britain Awards.

She was nominated for an award, but didn’t win – not that it seemed to bother her all that much. Her enthusiasm and excitement are humbling, and meeting a few high profile celebrities was surely a great reward for a lot of selfless effort and dedication on her and her team’s part. Simon Cowell and Jimmy Carr took a lot of interest in what it is that Scotty’s gets up to!

We’ve also, one way or another, been covering a lot of stories on mental health recently. It’s a subject which has really captured the public’s attention, and we were more than happy to speak to West Norfolk’s Mind branch on World Mental Health Day.

They were drawing attention to Schizophrenia and the stigma the condition carries with it.

Also, we interviewed Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner about the introduction of mental health nurses into the force control rooms, as a way of better responding to incidents.

The thinking is (and as we understand it, a number of other forces are very interested in doing something similar) that victims, or perpetrators of crime may be suffering with mental health problems that police officers are unable to notice or handle because of a lack of training.

They’re hoping that the addition of mental health workers will help to cut time and expense, as well as providing people with appropriate support.

I suppose personally for us here at KL.FM, the reopening of the Sealife Centre at Hunstanton last week really puts a smile on our faces. The centre has had to undergo ten months of extensive refurbishment works after last December’s tidal surge flooded it out.

Animals had to be evacuated, and workers were left wondering if they would ever return to jobs. Although it was before my time, we at KL.FM were involved in covering the flooding at Hunstanton, and having reported on the initial incident, it’s very satisfying to have come full circle.

The animals are all back in brand new enclosures, and the whole place has had a revamp.

It’s nice to know there’s a silver lining in some of the bad goings on we cover sometimes!