KL.FM Off-Air by Darren Taylor, August 9, 2016

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UGC ENGANL00120131006092746

August is often referred to as ‘silly season’ by those of us who work in the media as, supposedly, half the country is away on holiday and nothing much happens. I have to say that’s not really our experience at KL.FM where we are busier than ever. If you’re listening this week you’ll know that we’ve embarked on our ‘Tour of the Towns’ when we’ll be broadcasting live from a different town in our area all week. We were in Lynn yesterday and over the next few days we’ll be live from Wisbech, Swaffham, Downham Market and Fakenham.

When I was kid I used to love listening to the Radio 1 Roadshow and I remember thinking how exciting it must be to transport all the equipment needed for an outside broadcast from town to town, never stopping in the same place for too long. It’s still a thrill for us now and it’s great for us to have the chance to meet our listeners. Sitting in a radio studio talking into a microphone is great fun, but there’s nothing better than actually having the chance to meet people face to face. If you see us in your town during the week, please do come along and say hello.

Meanwhile back in the office, we’ve been celebrating another set of really strong listening figures. KL.FM remains incredibly popular in West Norfolk and the latest numbers show that people are tuning in for longer than ever which is great news. We’ll no doubt be celebrating with a couple of bottles of something, but definitely not until the Tour of the Towns week is over. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to see Simon or Posh Charles with a hangover!

Away from the office, I’m delighted that the football season has started again (at least at the Walks) and I’m hopeful the Linnets will have a good season. There have been some exciting changes there over the summer and everyone at KL.FM sends their best wishes to the players and staff and new owners. I love watching football at all levels but nothing beats the passion of lower league matches when you can really get close to the action.

Finally for now a quick word about the proposed King’s Lynn Business Improvement District (BID). Formal papers have been issued to the Secretary of State and the vote will happen in October. Between now and then the team will be busy engaging with as many town centre businesses as possible to talk to them about the importance of a ‘yes’ vote and what it could mean for the town. If any businesses wish to talk to me about BID, they can contact me anytime at the radio station.