KL.FM Off-Air, by Emily Bull, November 4, 2014

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It’s November! November is my favourite month of the year for several reasons.

Halloween gives me a brilliant excuse to buy a metric tonne of sweets, of which 99 per cent will still be left over by the time all the neighbourhood kids have been round.

This means I start the month on a very lovely sugar high.

I would also tell you about how I love the first bite of the east wind, which brings winter to our shores, wiping out all the bugs and moulds, and generally making home feel far more cosy… But last winter the east wind never turned up, and we just had several grey months of neither here nor there.

I really, really, hope we get a winter this year.

I know we’re already getting the tabloid headlines of “Arctic Freezes” and there are warnings of power cuts, but there’s something wonderful about winter.

It just reminds us of how delicately poised our little lives actually are, and how nature is a very powerful force when it wants to be.

Of course November is also the time when we start thinking about the big Christmas celebrations ahead.

For me this is quite a logistical undertaking as my work means I don’t actually get more than a couple of days off and my husband usually rolls in off a night shift on Christmas morning. Family are fitted in at some point early on in the month, or more probably in January.

Christmas shopping is usually done very early, or very late.

November is also really quite a fun time of year for news.

We journalists get to react to all the big breaking stories that winter brings, as well as helping inform people about what’s going on now parliament is back in session.

Things just seem to happen this month, and a busy newsroom is a happy one.

I’ve been getting lots of lovely feedback on my move to the breakfast show and in particular to the weather forecast.

I got a message the other day from a woman who told me I made her laugh when I said red lipstick would get us all through a grey day.

Her daughter went one step further and put some on for school, although I’m sure she was probably told to wipe it off when she got there.

A bright colour, or a special accessory, even the feel of a new winter coat is good for the soul. What you wear can make a huge difference to your mood as the nights draw in.

If I can make people smile in the morning, and inspire them to feel good about themselves then I feel like I’m doing a great job here at KL.FM.

Lots of people see their mood go down at this time of year with grey skies, and our immune system taking a hit from all the bugs going around.

I really hope that little girl in red lipstick had a great day.