KL.FM Off-Air by Jake Watson, October 14, 2014

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After months and months of asking the bosses at KL.FM to let me loose and write our weekly Lynn News column, they have finally succumbed!

The issue I now find is, what do I write about? (Best not usually to admit to that in your second paragraph – Editor)

Well, you may have noticed that I now no longer read the news in the mornings on KL.FM, that’s because my job has changed and not because I just keep on forgetting!

I am now the producer of the Adam Newstead Breakfast Show which is good news for all of you as Emily Bull will now read the news (who is infinitely better than me) and Adam has someone more readily available to bounce ideas off to keep the show as exciting and fun as possible!

Since studying news and then sports journalism at university I have always worked as a journalist and moving away from it will be a real shock to the system!

In fact, each time I hear the advert prior to the top of the hour news bulletin I am still finding myself having a quick panic before realising I no longer read the news!

Being a journalist was something I always dreamt of doing and while it is something I can always re-visit at a later date in my career I am really excited about a change of direction.

Emily is a wonderful news reader and having her on the Breakfast Show with me and Adam will only make the show better. She will be on hand to keep us in check when we inevitably get things wrong and basically act like two silly teenagers!

Adam has declared the new setup on breakfast as the ‘dream team’ and while I whole heartedly agree I would urge you to tune in and give us your feedback! Be as honest as you like and we will read it out.

Recently a listener described the show as inane; stupid and childish.

We respect their opinion.

Another part of my new role will be to cover shows when one of Adam, Ryan or Simon are away.

You may have heard me last week covering the daytime show for Ryan Taylor on Thursday and Friday.

Doing shows on my own is something I am very new to and I would ask you to bear with me while I get used to being in the studio without Adam basically doing it all for me!

Another big change that you will have heard on KL.FM these past couple of weeks is a brand new news reader!

Charles Dennett, aka ‘Posh Charles’, has joined our news team and will read your afternoon bulletins.

He lives in a country manor just outside of Swaffham and brings in caviar for lunch everyday but don’t let that put you off him, he is a thoroughly pleasant chap and we are all enjoying having an air of sophistication around the KL.FM offices for a change!