Local delights at Titchwell Manor

Eric Snaith head chef at Titchwell Manor ANL-140105-105730001
Eric Snaith head chef at Titchwell Manor ANL-140105-105730001
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Aficionados of good food and fine wine need little or no introduction to attractions of Titchwell Manor, writes Lynn News Editor Nick Woodhead.

Owned by Margaret and Ian Snaith since 1988 the hotel has moved into another dimension centred around the gastronomic flair of son Eric Snaith, who is head chef.

Eric is passionate about using local ingredients and he demonstrates this to the full in the increasingly popular monthly supper clubs.

Tuesday’s four-course meal was based around Letzer’s Seafood and Norfolk Saffron paired with good wine included in the £40 all-in price.

Simon Letzer has supplied Titchwell Manor for more than 20 years. He fishes up to 30 miles north of Brancaster on the approaches to The Wash, mainly for lobster.

Tuesday’s first course was an exotic lobster bisque, served with sour dough crisps.

It was followed by warm smoked salmon served with a lemon and saffron miso curd.

The saffron was supplied by Sally Francis. Like Simon, she lives in Burnham Norton and the quality of her saffron is world renowned.

That was to come into its own again later in the desert which had an orange and polenta cake paired with King Harry saffron liqueur, saffron ice cream, white chocolate and Florentine.

I don’t usually ‘do’ desserts – but that was magnificent.

The middle courses were smoked eel with rhubarb (really tasty) and a mains of braised beef shin, tiny pieces of smoked kipper, puree potato, spinach and onion.

I really enjoyed it all, with the exception of the bisque, which is just not me.

Others on the table were fine with it – and that’s the great thing about the evening. There were 58 of us there, sitting on sharing tables, so you meet new people who are eating and drinking an expert’s choice of food and you share opinions while you chat.

Of course, a number of tables were ‘dominated’ by pre-booked groups but the whole thing seemed to work.

Why wouldn’t it? I thought the wine was good (I’m no expert) and I particularly enjoyed the Negroamarto with the beef. Significantly, it kept coming!

Next up is Marsh Pig Charcuterie on Tuesday, June 3. Ring 01485 210221 for details.