Holkham Hall gets a snowy makeover this Christmas - SEE VIDEO

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Holkham Hall has been turned into a winter wonderland for Christmas, complete with the kind of artificial snow used in Hollywood films.

Around 40 Christmas trees have been placed in the historic hall’s Statue Gallery and blasted with fake snow.

Snow Business, a Gloucestershire firm that produces snow effects for big screen films, was brought in to do the job.

Viscountess Coke, of Holkham, said: “When you are doing so many trees and producing really seasonal settings you do need a quality product which will look good and last well.

“Due to the historic fabric of the hall we also needed assurance that the product used would be easily removed at the end of the Christmas events with no damage to the building.”

Joe Williams, from the firm, said staff spent two days on the site last week to create the effect, which is meant to look as though snow had fallen in the forest.

The company, which now works in more than 20 countries worldwide, also produces snow effects for events such as music festivals and weddings as well as shopping centre displays.

More details of the Christmas events can be found online at www.holkham.co.uk/html/ChristmasCelebrations2013.html




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