Brian looks back at Hillington Square in King’s Lynn

Brian Tuck who has lived on Hillington square for 42 years.

Brian Tuck who has lived on Hillington square for 42 years.

A long term resident of Lynn’s Hillington Square has looked back at a time when it was the “pride and joy” of the town council.

Brian Tuck has lived in Greyfriars House for 43 years and is looking forward to returning when the renovation is complete.

Mr Tuck and his late 
wife Sylvia were among the first residents in the new flats, which were constructed between 1967 and 1971.

The couple swapped a house in Terrington St Clement for the two bedroom flat. But they had to be thoroughly vetted before finally moving into their new home during April 1969.

Mr Tuck, 76, of Windsor Place, said: “The house in Terrington had all the modern things but didn’t have central heating so that made a big difference during the winter.

“The flat was really nice. We knew all the neighbours and you looked after each other. If someone was having a baby, another neighbour would be in there helping.

“Hillington Square was the pride and joy of the housing officer, Miss Keith.

“It was a really nice place and people took pride in it.”

Mr Tuck has seen many changes around the square over the years.

The site is undergoing a £30 million refurbishment in a join project by Freebridge Community Housing and Lovells.

Parts of Valentine House were demolished last week.

Mr Tuck said: “I have lots of good memories there.

“I hope that the new residents will take care of the square.”




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