Cat owner abandoned her pets in Mundford

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A woman from Mundford, who went on holiday leaving her pets without food and water, has been banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

One cat, a tabby female called Angel, had tried to climb out of the upstairs bathroom window but became wedged. She was spotted by neighbours who used a ladder to climb up and push her back in.

They became concerned that she was injured and tried to contact her owner, Suzanne Pratt, 39, of Malsters Close, who had gone on holiday to Wales in late July.

Lynn magistrates heard last Thursday that Pratt claimed a friend was looking after her pets but the neighbours became suspicious that no-one was entering the property and did so themselves.

They found the cat, Angel, thin and dehydrated and dragging her now paralysed back legs across the floor.

There were also four dead kittens in the property, plus another apparently healthy cat, and a hamster and a gerbil. None of the pets had access to fresh water and food.

It is thought that the kittens were Angel’s as she was still lactating when found.

RSPCA inspector Dave Podmore said: “In the vet’s opinion Angel’s injury was consistent with being trapped in the window and her body condition and dehydration all supported the view that she had been left unattended for several days.

“Unfortunately, her injuries were so great she had to be put to sleep on the vet’s advice .

“In upstairs rooms, with closed doors, there was also a hamster and gerbil in separate cages with no water and no food other then straw bedding for the gerbil.”

Pratt was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to Angel and also to three charges of failing to ensure that the needs of another cat and the hamster and gerbil were met.

She was given a 10-year ban on keeping animals and ordered to pay £1,500 costs.




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