Confusion after car is pulled over on Pullover in King’s Lynn

Abandoned car beside the Pullover roundabout on the A47 at West Lynn.

Abandoned car beside the Pullover roundabout on the A47 at West Lynn.

Thousands of people have travelled past it, but, several weeks after it was first reported, a car today remains abandoned at the side of the Lynn roundabout where it was last left.

Commuters and shoppers have seen the vehicle standing on the grass verge alongside the Pullover roundabout at West Lynn, where the A47 meets the A17, since before the Christmas break.

But officials said the Renault vehicle had not yet been removed because police had not indicated whether they were investigating any cases that may have come to light in connection with it.

A West Norfolk Council spokesman yesterday confirmed that the vehicle’s presence on the verge had first been reported to them more than three weeks ago on December 16.

She said: “We reported it to the police, who then carry out registered owner enquiries to check that it’s not the subject of a crime, for example reported as stolen.

“If there is no police interest in the vehicle, they confirm this to us and we would then treat it as abandoned and get it removed.”

But she added: “We are still awaiting the response from the police and have chased this again today.”

However, Norfolk Police said their roads officers had referred the issue to the highways authorities, as it was not a suitable matter for them to deal with.

A spokesman said: “As the vehicle hasn’t been involved in an accident, causing an obstruction or involved in any crime there wouldn’t be a policing purpose for removing it.”




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