‘Despicable’ thief steals disabled woman’s bag in King’s Lynn

Joann Sands with her mobility scooter

Joann Sands with her mobility scooter

A disabled grandmother has condemned a thief who stole her handbag from her mobility scooter while she was being helped after it fell on top of her.

Joann Sands was returning home from a party with her husband, Rex, when the vehicle became caught on a branch in the Walks in Lynn late on Wednesday night.

She claims that, while her husband and another passer-by were helping her, another man snatched her bag.

She said: “A person came up on a pushbike and asked if we needed help. My husband said something like ‘You’re alright mate.

“This lad took my handbag off the front of the scooter.”

Mrs Sands, 53, who has arthritis in her hips and is asthmatic, said the bag contained a number of personal photographs, including images of her mother’s wedding, her children and her grandchildren, as well as other property including a mobile phone and an inhaler.

She said she was speaking out about her ordeal both to appeal to the person responsible to return the pictures and warn other disabled people of the risks they could also face from opportunistic thieves.

She said the incident had left her feeling “paranoid”, adding: “It just knocks you for six.

“To do that to someone who is disabled, who can’t fight back, is despicable.”

Police were called to deal with the incident at around 11.30pm on Wednesday, when it was discovered that Mrs Sands’ bag was missing.

A spokesman said yesterday: “This theft will clearly have been distressing for the victim, particularly as offenders appeared to be offering assistance.

“We would ask anyone who may have witnessed the incident or have any further information to contact King’s Lynn Police Station on 101.”




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