Groups get together to help Swaffham Bloom

Deputy mayor Stewart Bell, back centre, with volunteers at the launch of Swaffham's Anglia In Bloom entry

Deputy mayor Stewart Bell, back centre, with volunteers at the launch of Swaffham's Anglia In Bloom entry

Community groups have joined forces to help Swaffham go for gold in this year’s Anglia In Bloom competition.

A host of organisations have pledged to adopt specific areas of the town and keep them clean and tidy ahead of the crucial judging day on July 15.

And officials say the example of one well-known site being transformed has inspired other groups to join in.

Jonathan Reed, of the Iceni Partnership, who is co-ordinating the scheme, said: “Last year, we identified some sites in the centre of the town which were well-known eyesores, The Shambles in the centre of town being the most notorious.

“Swaffham Town Council adopted that area earlier this year and now the newly resurfaced courtyard is much improved with people seemingly keener to clean up after themselves keeping the area clear of rubbish.

“Anglia in Bloom is all about improving your environment and small improvements make all the difference.”

The campaign was formally launched at a clean-up day last Wednesday attended by the town’s deputy mayor, Stewart Bell, and representatives of groups including the Rotary club and the Business Forum.

Forum member Sandra Sandle emphasised the importance of a clean town to encourage visitors not only to come to Swaffham, but to stay for longer and spend more money with local businesses when they do.

And incoming Rotary President Jane Harding remembered finding three dustbin bags full of rubbish, including car parts and a shoe, when they cleared the cemetery on White Cross Road last year.

The list of groups taking part in the initiative also includes the Swaffham and District Home Start team, who will be looking after the car park at the community centre where they are based.

The Swaffham Lions will be looking after Lynn Street, while managers of the soon to open Tesco store, whose staff turned out in force to help the effort, have pledged to look after the main road between the George Hotel and A47.

They have also promised that any of the store’s trolleys that are abandoned will be collected by them on the same day that they are reported.

Work on the town’s In Bloom entry will continue throughout June. Anyone who wants to get involved should contact Mr Reed on 01760 722800 or town councillor Paul Darby on 01760 722922.




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