Hillington Square makeover is caught on camera in demolition time lapse video - SEE VIDEO

Waiting for Video...

Freebridge Community Housing have revealed a time lapse video that shows a five-storey building on Lynn’s Hilling Square being demolished as part of the larger £30million regeneration project.

Colin Davison, director of property at Freebridge Community Housing, said: “Having this time lapse video is fantastic.

“It’s an opportunity to be able to share with everyone in our community the huge amount of work that is taking place – in just 1 minute and 36 seconds!”

He added: “Now that this part of the demolition has finished it’s great to be able to see the heart of the community opening out for everyone to see.”

This stage of the project marked an important milestone as the block of nine flats was taken down in stages, initially with the use of a long-reach excavator, that ‘nibbled’ at the property from the top down, with the rest coming down by hand.

The removal of the building has transformed the appearance of the estate, giving a more open, welcoming feel.

The demolition work is part of the wider £30million scheme to regenerate the 1960’s housing estate, with the initial work beginning last August after plans by designer Wayne Hemingway were approved.

The scheme is scheduled to last four years and will see the estate remodelled and its 320 flats improved externally and internally. A former road, Union Street, will also be reinstated with spaces made for firms and community enterprises.




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