‘I won’t pay for poor TV signal’ says angry viewer in Sutton Bridge

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A fed up Sutton Bridge pensioner is threatening to stop paying her TV licence unless the signal strength improves.

Shirley Giles, 73, has a 42-inch, digital TV but is currently watching programmes on a nine-inch iPad because the picture on her TV screen keeps breaking up.

Shirley lives in a flat on Wharf Street and says several people in her building are experiencing the same problem, which is also happening at other addresses in the village.

She emailed TV Licensing bosses to ask them if she needed a licence and warned them that she would cancel her direct debit payment if the problem was not resolved.

She said: “You get to the middle of a film and it (the TV picture) collapses into pixels.

“It frequently happens in Midsomer Murders just when they get to the explanation.”

TV Licensing told Shirley she must have a licence if she watches or records programmes as they are being shown on TV, regardless of the device she is using.

They advised her to take her complaint to the Radio and Television Investigation Service (RTIS), the body which helps viewers resolve problems with their reception.

To contact it, visit www.radioandtvhelp.co.uk, phone 03709 016789 or write to RTIS at PO Box 1922, Darlington DL3 0UR. Shirley advises anyone else with signal problems to contact RTIS direct.

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