Is this how to reward firefighters following West Norfolk tidal surge?

Is this how to reward them?

It was heartening, but not surprising, to read of cheery volunteer crews of firefighters helping to clean up flood-ravaged parts of Norfolk.

Those in the public sector often have an altruistic motivation in their work. However, like everyone, there are bills to pay and an old age to plan for. This is why I’ll be offering a message of support for firefighters taking lawful industrial action in defence of their pensions over the Christmas period. Making firefighters carry on working in that physical role past the age of 55, but then sacking them if they fail to reach the required level of fitness isn’t fair or just and it wasn’t what they signed up for. Following this risk with a reduction in their pension if they are removed from service early compounds the unfairness.

Jo Rust

Gayton Road, King’s Lynn




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