Jack Russell who went missing five years ago is returned to Stow Bridge family

Grania Haigh, 49, reunited with her stolen puppy Maud after five years apart thanks to microchip MLNF14af05564

Grania Haigh, 49, reunited with her stolen puppy Maud after five years apart thanks to microchip MLNF14af05564

Maud the Jack Russell has been reunited with her owners – five years after disappearing from their garden when she was just a puppy.

Grania and Niall Haigh are still in shock after getting a call from a veterinary practice to say Maud had been found.

The couple had only had Maud for two weeks when she went missing in 2009, but had got her microchipped in that time. When she disappeared she was just ten weeks old.

Mrs Haigh, 49, of Stow Road, Stow Bridge, said: “It’s mind-blowing. My husband and I haven’t quite got our heads around it.

“We are just so amazed, we never thought we would see her again which was so sad. My daughter was two-and-a-half when she went and cried and cried.

“There was quite a spate of dog thefts about in the area at the time and I just had to tell my daughter that it was very naughty of the people to take her.

“It really shows the importance of getting your animals microchipped. People are put off by the initial expense but this shows how much it is worth it.

“When Maud went missing, we went on local radio and put it on the internet but in the end we just had to accept she was gone.

“We used to think about her and wonder what happened.”

Maud was taken into Paddons vets in Wisbech on Tuesday after being found cold, wet and alone in a road in Emneth.

The surgery scanned her and discovered the Haigh’s details via the microchip.

Mrs Haigh, who runs a solar power firm with her husband, said: “She was fit and well and there’s no doubt somebody had cared for her. She’s a lovely, happy, well adjusted little dog and somebody has obviously kept her as a pet.

“We just hope another innocent family isn’t now thinking they’ve lost their dog.

“We couldn’t bear to lose her again but if a family did have her and they wanted to keep in touch we’d definitely want to let them do that.”

Kirsty Brady, animal nursing assistant at Paddons vets in Wisbech, said: “We didn’t know how long they’d been apart until I rang the owners.

“The husband said ‘I just don’t know what to say.’

“I have never dealt with a case where the animal has been missing for so long. In the past it has been a couple of weeks maybe.”




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