King’s Lynn animator turns his dream into a reality

Zey The Mouse cartoon new scene created for Mile Valley Village,

Zey The Mouse cartoon new scene created for Mile Valley Village, "Flying a Kite" LtoR, Frances Harding (Ian's sister), Jonathan Smith (script writer), Ian Harding ANL-140605-170603001

A Lynn animator has finally achieved his dream of making the first episode of a children’s series he hopes could be as big as Wallace and Gromit.

Ian Harding, 32, of Pleasant Court, has been hard at work preparing, filming and editing the first episode of Zey and Friends, which features Zey the Mouse, a character he based on a teddy-bear.

He said: “My dream has come true. I have produced a stop-motion animation and after 10 months of making the very first episode, three months of which was spent filming and editing, I am proud to present Zey and Friends.

“It’s been a journey of challenges, ups and downs, long nights and joyful times. I have been carefully putting into practice what I have learnt and continuing to make connections with other animators.”

This project saw him teaming up with his sister, Frances, 27, and friend, Jonathan, 71, who both helped with providing voices for the characters, scriptwriting and composing the music and sound effects. Ian added: “I am so grateful to have them so involved in Zey and Friends.”

The latest episode, Flying a Kite, was uploaded to YouTube at the end of April and has already had over 3,000 views, many by fans of Ian’s earlier work who were awaiting the next instalment.

Ian said: “I’ve been surprised at the reaction, it’s been amazing, the fans, public, and followers have all commented on how good it was and have said the wait was well worth it,

“Lots of my friends’ children have seen Zey and Friends and like it a lot, many keep watching it over again and again and all the feedback over the internet forums shows that people didn’t expect it to be as good as it is. I have proved to myself that I can do it.”

Ian now has plans to contact CITV and Channel 4, and hopes to stir up further interest in the animation at film festivals.

Around two years ago, Ian released his first promotional clip of Zey The Mouse, a show about a family of mice. He had previously become an internet sensation after he made a film in honour of No 73, a 1980s children’s TV show broadcast live on ITV on Saturday mornings.

His efforts in recreating the popular show were watched in 65 different countries including the UK, USA, Pakistan, Japan, Croatia and Australia.

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