King’s Lynn hospital nurse promotes recruitment campaign

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Come and join us is the message from Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s deputy director of nursing.

Valerie Newton has launched a recruitment campaign to find more than 50 staff and bank nurses to join the hospital’s ranks.

She is working with local universities and colleges to find local men and women with different skills to fill the fulltime and shift jobs. The hospital may also be looking nationally and internationally for new recruits.

Miss Newton is recommending a career in nursing after spending 30 years working in the wards.

She said: “I have a passion for looking after patients and to make sure they have the best care we can and know we are doing something to them that has a positive impact on their day. That maybe washing a patient or helping them to walk but it is a really good feeling as we have done something worthwhile.

“I have worked at the QEH for 24 years and it is a lovely place to work.”




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