King’s Lynn nurse turns to verse

Philip Turner nurse at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn ANL-140723-105025001

Philip Turner nurse at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn ANL-140723-105025001

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An auxiliary nurse on Tilney ward at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital has put pen to paper to express his thoughts about his job and the patients he cares for.

Now copies of Philip Turner’s sensitive poem, entitled I Feel More Than You Know, are being requested by nursing staff in other parts of the hospital because it encapsulates the feelings of all staff who do a difficult job, sometimes in harrowing circumstances.

Sister Louise Mitchell, Tilney ward manager, said: “All the staff who have seen  Philip’s poem have been very moved because it sums up our feelings so well. Many nursing colleagues have asked for copies of the poem for their own ward.”

I nurse, I see…I feel

I feel more than you know

What do I see when I look at you? Not an old man or woman or fool.

I see a person who’s in need of help, Someone whose life was once full of health.

Don’t be afraid when I hold your hand.

I’m here for you now, so let me switch on your fan.

I’ll top up your glass and put it in reach, Tell you a story, if that’s what you need.

I’ll feed you your dinner as you have a blue tray.

I don’t really care if it takes all day.

All your needs are greater than mine, I can’t imagine what’s going through your mind.

I feel so sad when I see you in pain.

I wish I had a wand or could turn back time.

Life is hard and sometimes not fair, The world is cruel to us; we have too much to bear.

I hope I helped you in every way, Respect your dignity every single day

I see you smile now; I feel I’ve done a good deed

I’m a nursing auxiliary. I’m here for whatever you need

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