Long service award for King’s Lynn paramedic

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Lynn News Web Site Fillers

A long service award has been presented to a Lynn paramedic who has 37 years of experience under his belt.

Dennis Clarke, 62, has saved countless lives and delivered numerous babies since he joined the service in 1977.

Mr Clarke, 62, said he has seen numerous changes to the job over the years.

He said: “I am proud to have done 37 years. I have the same passion for the job. Making a difference to the patient is the really important thing.”

After leaving the Army, Mr Clarke joined the team at the Peterborough station.

Initial training back then was a six- to eight-week course, but a desire to help improve patient care prompted Mr Clarke to fund a four-year course to become a paramedic and completed his training in his spare time.

He says ambulances are better equipped and paramedics have more knowledge.

Another improvement to the job is the advent of seat belts.

He said: “We used to have to deal with some horrific car crashes as there were no seat belts. But seat belts and airbags have made a big difference.”

Mr Clarke, who is now an ambulance liaison officer, said one of the most bizarre call-outs was to a friend’s home after he had gone into anaphylactic shock ... just hours after visiting him earlier in the day.




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