Marham Reserves conquer Pyrenees training challenge

RAF Marham Reservists at the front of the Team � 5,000 feet up in the French Pyrenees

RAF Marham Reservists at the front of the Team � 5,000 feet up in the French Pyrenees

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Six members of 2620 (County of Norfolk) Squadron, based at RAF Marham, made up half the team of RAF Reserves who have been on a week-long multi-activity winter adventure training expedition in the Pyrenees.

Organised and run by the Squadron Commander, Sqd Ldr Jonathan White, the other Marham participants were David Hartley, Conrad Jefferson, Mathew Turner Richard Ward and David Ellis.

Based out of bunk barns in Luchon in the French Pyrenees, the major event of the expedition was a three-day snow-shoeing expedition in the High Pyrenees, just over the border, in Spain.

There was also an alpine skiing session conducted at over 5,000 feet in the French area of Peyragudes; here, once the snow stopped and the sun came out everyone enjoyed success in improving, or gaining, their skiing techniques.

The final day of activity was a testing Langlauf skiing session back at Beret in Spain. For those who had not attempted this discipline before, the degree of physical exertion required come as something of a shock, leaving Davis Ellis, of Lynn to say: “It was the best whole-body work-out I have ever had.”

The event was fully-funded by the RAF Reserves and was aimed at deserving Reservists from across the Force.

If you would like to become involved in 2620 Squadron’s Adventure Training activities, the squadron is now recruiting and you can call on 0800 783 1915 or search online for RAF Reserves.

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