Necton youngsters take the lead

School Days at Necton Primary School
left to right Brandon Pitt, Gemma Goodall, Lucia Sidey, Charlie Hosmer

School Days at Necton Primary School left to right Brandon Pitt, Gemma Goodall, Lucia Sidey, Charlie Hosmer

Pupils at Necton Primary School like to take a leading role.

Headteacher Graham Steel said: “I love the way they get involved. I’m really proud of the way they take ownership of the school.”

One example was fundraising for Children in Need. Mr Steel said: “They plan all the activities. We encourage them but it comes from them.”

He sees the school’s 177 pupils as its great asset. “Our children are wonderful, well-behaved and enthusiastic about everything,” he said.

Sport is a strength of the school and sports coaches come in to take lessons. “We compete in lots of competitions with other schools in the area. We also have our own swimming pool. So our children have plenty of physical activity,” said Mr Steel.

Pupils gain experience of the wider world. Year 4 has been to Sheringham for an “evacuee day” and Year 5 to Oxburgh Hall as part of work on the Tudors. Two residential trips a year take place. Year 5 pupils go to the Hautbois House activity centre near Colchester and Year 6 pupils spend a week in York, seeing contrasting landscapes and visiting attractions which remind them of the historical periods they have studied.

Mr Steel said: “We are supported by the Friends of the school who raise money and organise lots of fun activities. We are about to start planning a themed multicultural week when we will have visitors from all over the world.”

The school aims to be outdoor-loving and eco-friendly with its own eco-council. One of the members, Alice Bridges, 10, said: “We all have to make a speech and the whole school votes for us.”

The eco-council takes a special interest in the school’s wildlife area. Erin Lawes, 9, said: “Year 6 do science and art up there. We took a tour round there two weeks ago. There was a bit of litter and we cleaned it up.”

Mr Steel said: “Our outdoor learning policy is a big feature of the school. The reception class outdoor area was revamped a year ago and provides them with free-flow for their activities. They can choose to work inside or outside.”

So never mind the weather? “If it’s pouring with rain they put on waterproof suits and go out.”





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