Radio gaga ... DJs take on ice bucket challenge

KL.FM's Adam Newstead Ice Bucket Challenge ANL-140827-102006009

KL.FM's Adam Newstead Ice Bucket Challenge ANL-140827-102006009

Everyone from Bill Gates to Alex Salmond has done it ... and this week the Ice Bucket Charity Challenge splashed down in West Norfolk.

Leading from the front were two of West Norfolk’s most popular radio presenters as they accepted the challenge to have a bucket of ice-cold water tipped right over their heads.

KLFM’s Adam Newstead and Simon Rowe took the challenge earlier this week.

Adam, who presents the breakfast show, dressed in a snorkel and arm bands, opted to throw the bucket over himself while in the relative comfort of his own home just outside Lynn.

But ever the animal lover, Adam did make sure to shoo away his rabbit first lest that got drenched too.

Simon, who presents the drivetime show on KL.FM was soaked by a colleague.

But both got equally as wet and equally as cold.

But it is all for a very good cause.

People across the world are taking on challenge by throwing buckets of iced water over themselves to raise money for the charity supporting Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is the American name for motor neurone disease.

Some have opted to do it on horse back others have been drenched by digger buckets of water.

After being filmed having the ice cold water tipped over your head for broadcast on the internet, the “soakee’ is then allowed to nominate the next victim – who can either accept the challenge or pay a forfeit to charity.

Among those who have undergone the soaking have been ex-president George W Bush, and singers Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

So successful has the Ice Bucket Challenge been this week that in the UK Tesco has donated £20,000 to ALS fund from the huge surge in ice cubes sold at its stores.




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