Santa sings with North Lynn’s Lavender Hill Mob

The Lavender Hill Mob joined by Father Christmas and Rudolph at Sainsbury's Hardwick.

The Lavender Hill Mob joined by Father Christmas and Rudolph at Sainsbury's Hardwick.

Members of North Lynn’s Lavender Hill Mob raised more than £1,000 thanks to the donations of generous shoppers while they sang carols at Hardwick Sainbury’s on three evenings.

Les Miles, founder of the all-inclusive theatre group, said: “People were so very generous and and so appreciative of what we were doing, because it was very cold! Even Father Christmas joined in and sang along with us, then we thanked him with another song.

“It’s a fantastic amount to raise and we’re really chuffed, but we’ve got more carol singing sessions to come.”

The group will be performing at Park House, in Sandringham, this afternoon, then will be holding another fundraising carol singing session at Hardwick’s Tesco store on December 23 – this time singing from 10am to 6pm.

Les said: “This one will be a marathon. We did it last year and it was so successful that Tesco booked us on the spot for this year. We’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve – we’ve Lavendered some of the songs.

“There’s nothing worse than shoppers being bored by hearing the same old songs, we like to adapt them a bit and people really like it.

“There’s nothing like putting on a good show for people, and the youngsters love it!”

The group are fundraising for their spring pantomime, Robin Hood, which has been written by Les specifically for the group.

She said: “We’re really geared up for this one and we’ve planned a few surprises, but to put them into action, we need to raise more money for that and to pay for the running costs of the group.”

Go to www.lhmtc.com for more information about the North Lynn group and how to join.




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