Swaffham’s Spencer gets his last wish - SEE VIDEO

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Terminally ill Spencer Bunkall’s last wish came true when he hitched a ride with a European Kite Buggying Freestyle champion.

But 45 minutes after returning home with wife Gemma and four-year-old daughter Grace, Spencer died.

Craig Sparkes took 41-year-old Spencer, given just 18 months to live after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, for the ride of his life at West Lynn Social Club on Saturday morning witnessed by family and friends.

Spencer’s sister, Hayley Loft, 44, said: “It was nice that we had all been together that morning. Without that morning, many of us wouldn’t have seen him before he went, and to see him smiling meant everything.

“He kept telling Craig to go faster and every time he went round a corner it was like firework night, we were all going ‘oooh ahhh’.”

His father, Eric Bunkall, 71, said: “When they brought the buggy to a standstill he was just covered in mud. We had to wipe his glasses so he could see.”

Spencer, who was a keen kite buggier before he became ill, had said to his family that he would love the opportunity to do it one last time. Craig heard about his wish and made it a reality.





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