What can be done to stop swimming in Bawsey Pits?

Bawsey pits outside King's Lynn where two bodies were recovered from the lakes of Tuesday evening.

Bawsey pits outside King's Lynn where two bodies were recovered from the lakes of Tuesday evening.

What should be done to stop people risking their lives by swimming in Bawsey Pits?

Next year site owners Sibelco will be running a public consultation in a bid to find a solution in order to prevent further tragedy.

In July, 41-year-old Lynn man Ryan Pettengell and Umar Balogun, 16, from London, died in separate incidents on the same day. A teenager drowned at the site in 1969 while a 31-year-old man fractured his spine after diving from a rocky ledge in 1995.

We took to the streets of Lynn to find out what shoppers think should happen at the site.

Jackie Bovic, of South Wootton, thinks attracting more people to the area might help enforce the swimming ban.

She said: “Making it into a holiday area might be a good idea or perhaps opening a cafe or tea shop. If you can attract more people there it might help police it.

“We used to go there often and walk the dog. It is lovely.”

Lynn man Joe Waddison thinks that raising more awareness of the dangers of swimming in the water would stop people going in.

He said: “Putting a sign up stating the number of people who have died there might scare others.

“Putting up more signs and a fence might stop people from going in there.”

Douglas Stinton, of Holbeach, feels that the summer’s tragedy may not stop people from climbing in. He said: “I don’t think lessons will be learned. Kids are kids. I think the owners should fence it off and put in security guards.”

Enid Blain, of Sporle, had an interesting idea to put people off.

She said: “A memorial to the people who have died there might be a good idea. Why would they go in if it is unsafe?”

Emma Sayers, who also lives in Sporle, thinks that a fence would be a good idea. She said: “They are still going in there now – even when it’s cold. It’s stupid.

“They should put up life rings.”




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