Wife’s desperate plea to missing husband who may be in King’s Lynn

Missing man Stephen Fox who may be in the Lynn area.

Missing man Stephen Fox who may be in the Lynn area.

The devastated wife of a man who disappeared three weeks ago has sent a plea to him to get in contact to tell his family he is safe.

Father-of-three Stephen Fox, 49, left his home at 6.20am on Friday, January 31 and there have been reports that he may be in Lynn. He is suffering post traumatic stress.

His wife Catherine, 48, said: “He is obviously not in his right mind because he wouldn’t do this to us. He is always thinking about other people.

“It is devastating. Our world is upside down. It’s the not knowing. We are in limbo.

“When I go to sleep there is some relief but my days are a nightmare. You try to be normal, pottering around doing little bits and then someone will say something and everything crashes down again.

“He shouldn’t be frightened or feel guilty or embarrassed because we will work through this. No-one is going to be angry with him. We just want to know he is safe.”

Mrs Fox suffered a stroke three years ago and believes her illness combined with childhood experiences to make her husband ill.

Their eldest son James, 20, was a health and social care student at the College of West Anglia in Lynn until recently and they also have an 18-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son who suffers Aysperges.

Mrs Fox has known her husband since she was 16 and the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary has passed while he has been away.

Police have launched an inquiry and searched around the family home – in Wisbech – but no firm information has been forthcoming.

A Facebook appeal led to some reports of possible sightings of Mr Fox in Lynn, though it is possible he is using a different name or may have changed his appearance.

Mrs Fox said there was news in the family her husband needed to be aware of and assured him his job was not in jeopardy.

She said: “Please just phone darling, so we know you are safe. We love you with all our hearts.”

Mrs Fox appealed for anyone who may have seen her husband or have information to call police on 101 or contact her direct via Facebook.




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