Workers move in to repair Denver Sluice after surge

UGC picture for Lynn News

UGC picture for Lynn News

Temporary repairs have been carried out on vital flood defences near Downham in a bid to tackle the damage caused by the recent tidal surge.

Environment Agency workers installed dam boards at the Denver Sluice last Thursday to protect the gates, which were damaged earlier this month.

Julie Foley, the agency’s area manager, said: “While the damage to the gates doesn’t pose an immediate flood risk, it does compromise our ability to react quickly and protect people and property. Therefore the best course of action is to install a temporary fix to minimise risk.”

The damage was discovered as agency staff assessed the area’s flood defences in the wake of the waves that battered the area on December 5.

In most places, the surge was the biggest since the 1953 flood disaster, though the agency has said it was the biggest ever recorded in Lynn.

Ms Foley said: “This is just one example of emergency works taking place across East Anglia.

“We are continuing to work with our partners to recover from the tidal surge.

“Once we have a clear understanding of what other repairs are needed we will prioritise the work,focusing on the defences which protect the most people and property ahead of February’s spring tides.

“We need to understand what is economically justifiable and technically feasible, so that we can ensure that public money is spent wisely.”

Officials say that coastal flood defences helped to save around 11,000 homes in West Norfolk from flooding earlier this month, though critics have claimed more needs to be done in order to prevent future disasters of the sort that struck in 1953




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