Stay away from coastal footpaths in West and North Norfolk

 Brancaster Bank Damaged by high tide

Brancaster Bank Damaged by high tide

Walkers are being urged to avoid walking along coastal flood defences in the aftermath of last week’s high tides.

The Environment Agency said flood banks in a number of coastal areas have been damaged or weakened by the tidal surge, making them unstable and unsafe to walk on.

And it said where flood defences and footpaths have been closed for repairs, walkers should take note of diversions put in place by Norfolk County Council.

Steve Hayman, of the Environment Agency, said: “While our staff have been out inspecting the flood defences we’ve been concerned to see people walking on the banks.

“We understand that these are popular coastal routes but with a number of the banks being weakened by the recent tide surge they have become particularly dangerous to walk on. We would urge walkers to stay away from flood defence embankments for the time being for their own safety.”

The main locations for concern in West Norfolk are Brancaster and Burnham Deepdale.

The Environment Agency is working with the county council to keep people up-to-date with the latest information, on the ground and through social media.




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