‘They can hang on to Sam better than I can’ says South Wootton dog owner

Cinnamon Trust - Sam with owner Pamela McAdam

Cinnamon Trust - Sam with owner Pamela McAdam

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A South Wootton woman has praised the work of dedicated volunteers for a national charity that enables elderly pet-owners to continue to look after their animals when they are unable to cope.

Pamela McAdam, 85, struggles with arthritis in her hips and legs which causes difficulties with movement over great distances, leaving her unable to walk her dog, Sam.

She said: “I’m fairly disabled and had a friend who used to walk Sam, but they suggested that I get in touch with The Cinnamon Trust.

“They are an excellent organisation that take people who just like to look after animals, like those who just enjoy taking dogs for a walk and want to help those in need.

“It’s a very useful thing for housebound people.”

After contacting the charity, Pamela was put in touch with Veronica Woods, a volunteer from North Wootton, who would love a dog but is unable to look after one full time.

Pamela said: “Sam’s extremely strong and impetuous, and he likes to chase buses.

“The volunteers can hang on to him better than I can. They just do it whenever they can.

“They don’t have to do it every day, it is just what they have the time to offer.

“Veronica walks Sam two days a week and another volunteer walks him one day a week.”

Pamela used to pay someone to walk Sam, but is now given the service for free by volunteers who love dogs and want to spend more time with them.

She said: “The Cinnamon Trust are a wonderful charity and we try to support them where we can with donations.

“It’s just a friendly, neighbourhood thing for people who like to walk dogs when they can for those who can’t do it themselves.”

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