Wells is a snail racing champion

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The new World Snail Racing Champion goes by the name of Wells, who triumphed in Saturday’s scorching heat at Congham.

Wells completed the 13-inch course in three minutes 19 seconds, well outside the record time of two minutes.

The championships were part of Congham Fete and 150 snails were entered, with 11 going through to the grand final.

Wells is owned by five-year-old Zeben Butler-Alldred, who is on holiday at Chosley.

Said Zeben: “I found Wells in the garden this morning and he looked like a champion and so I put him in.”

Zeben’s mother, Pam, added: “Zeben seems to have a way with snails. He loves them. He’s going to put this one back in the garden at Chosley so he can carry on with his nice life in the country.”

Zeben called his snail Wells because he likes everything about the place – the beach, the ice cream and the boats.

Snail trainer, Neil Riseborough said: “Temperatures went up to 30C and the snails were really feeling the heat. They just didn’t want to speed and times all afternoon were slow. In fact the racing was appalling.”

Neil presented Zeben with a silver tankard stuffed with lettuce leaves.

The popular annual fete raised £3,000 for St Andrew’s Church at Congham.




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