Lynn-Hunstanton rail line re-opening hope revived

WEST Norfolk Council could look again at the idea of reopening the Lynn to Hunstanton railway.

The possibility of reinstating the line was raised at Wednesday's meeting of the council's Regeneration and Environment Panel.

Battling Tottenhill pensioner, Christine Jenner-Akehurst, who last year campaigned against post office closures in West Norfolk, strongly supported the suggestion.

She said: "It's very important.

"There is so much traffic on the roads and the emissions are affecting our atmosphere."

Mrs Jenner-Akehurst (82), recognised there would be problems.

"It won't be easy because the lines have been taken up and it will need a lot of negotiation," she said.

She also criticised the stupidity of the Beeching cuts, which led to the closure of the Hunstanton line in 1969. The previous year, it was used by as many as 700 people a day in summer and 250 a day in winter.

Re-opening the route was last discussed in the 1990s.

There was much support for the idea in principle except from the owners of homes or businesses built on or near the old line.

Nowadays, the environmental case for reviving the line and relieving road congestion in and around Hunstanton is considered to be even stronger.