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Clementine and pistachio trifle.
Clementine and pistachio trifle.
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It’s a firm British favourite and has been loved by both adults and children for many years. The first recorded recipe dates back to the 15th century but it didn’t really become popular until the Victorian times.

Trifles can be made with many things and I’m sure that you have your family favourites, to give our trifle a festive twist we have used clementine as the fruit and topped our cream with a pistachio praline.

You can make this trifle in either one large bowl or individual glasses and the fruit, jelly and custard can be made the day before and left in the fridge and them topped with the cream and the pistachio praline just before serving.

Recipe serves 4

3 Clementine

800 ml of orange juice

3 sheets of gelatine soaked in water

100 grams of caster sugar

50 grams of pistachios

4 slices of brioche or sponge cake

3 large free range eggs

275 ml double cream

25 grams of caster sugar

1 teaspoon corn flour

1 vanilla pod

50 ml sherry or Madeira wine

300 grams of whipping cream


Cut the brioche or sponge into fingers and soak in the wine or sherry arrange carefully in the bottom of your chosen bowl.

Meanwhile to make the custard split the vanilla pod length ways and using the end of a teaspoon to scoop out the seeds.

Then place the pod and the seeds in a small saucepan along with the cream, cook on a low heat until simmering point and then remove the vanilla pod.

While the cream is heating, whisk the egg yolks, cream sugar and corn flour together and gently add the cream, immediately return to the heat and stir with a rubber spatula until thick and smooth. Pour the custard into a jug and cover with cling film, place in the fridge to cool.

Peel and segment the Clementine and soak in a sugar stock made out of a little melted sugar and water, this will sweeten the Clementine.

In a saucepan pour in the orange juice and reduce by a third leaving you approx 500ml of orange to add the gelatine sheets too.

Place the soaked Clementine segments on top of the brioche, pour over the partially cooled orange mixture and leave to set in the fridge.

Once set pour the custard on the top and top with whipped cream, try adding a little icing sugar and vanilla to cream while you whip for a sweeter flavour.

To make the pistachio praline melt 100 grams of sugar in a heavy based pan over a medium heat until it melts and turns a lovely golden caramel colour.

On baking parchment spread out your pistachios and pour over the caramel. Leave to set and once cooled and hard, either blitz in a food processor or place in a zip lock bag and bash with a rolling pin until you get a crumb like texture. Sprinkle on top of the cream and dig in!