Mixed reaction from King’s Lynn parents as teachers go on strike over dispute

Teachers' strike schools to close - Fairstead Primary School. ANL-140324-153650001
Teachers' strike schools to close - Fairstead Primary School. ANL-140324-153650001
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As teachers went on strike in their dispute over pay, pensions and working conditions, this week’s Word on the Street went to Lynn’s Fairstead estate to find out what parents thought of the action.

The Fairstead Primary School was one of two in the town to completely close on Wednesday because of the walkout by the National Union of Teachers, while lessons were also disrupted at many of the area’s secondary schools.

And, while many of the people we spoke to were far from happy that the walkout was taking place, there was still some support for the union’s stance.

Jade Kennett described the strike as “ridiculous” and suggested it was setting a bad example to pupils.

She said: “It’s not going to teach them the right way about life.”

Another parent with little sympathy for the strikers was Jamie McHale, who admitted it would have been “tricky” for him to find childcare for his seven-year-old son, Robbie, if he had not been off work himself.

He said: “They have got a point to make, but it affects so many other people in the schools.”

But Samantha O’Hara backed the action and suggested that education should enjoy similar levels of support to the National Health Service.

She said: “The government has got to identify that. I think it’s appalling.”

She said she understood the difficulties felt by parents, but added: “It gets to a point that people have to take a stand.”

Amy Johnson said her nieces attended the school and admitted their parents wouldn’t be happy at the walkout.

But she also defended the school, adding: “They’re really up to speed if there’s a problem.”

Tara Bush said: “I only found out about it when I looked in my son’s school bag and I got the letter.”

And Victoria Vaselejka, who declined to be pictured, said she would have a problem finding childcare for her daughter on the day of the strike.