Most pupils got their first choice primary school

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Thousands of children found out this week which primary school they will be attending and, in Norfolk, 94 per cent got their first choice.

It means 8,493 children will go to the primary school stated as their preferred school.

Richard Snowden, head of admissions at Norfolk County Council, said: “There has been no overall shortfall in primary school places and we have found that the percentage of first preferences met has increased slightly.”

The three most oversubscribed schools in West Norfolk, according to the county council, were: Eastgate Primary, with 24 on the waiting list, Greyfriars Primary, with 18 on the waiting list and Gaywood Primary, with 11 on the waiting list.

Three per cent – around 300 children, were allocated a place at their second choice school.

One per cent were offered a place at their third choice school and the rest were given an alternative suggested by Norfolk County Council.

Last year, 93 per cent of children got a place at their first preference school.

In Lincolnshire, 94 per cent of pupils got their first choice place and four per cent got their second choice.

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