Motorcyclist lost control in Fincham inquest heard

Court news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
Court news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter

Passersby tried to give a motorcyclist first aid after he had come off his bike and collided with a stationary car in Fincham, an inquest heard.

David Watt, 28, of Ablemarle Way, Cambridge, was seen to wobble as he took a bend on A1122 at Fincham on his Triumph Sprinter before it fell to the ground and he moved into the opposite side of the road and collided with a Jaguar on the afternoon of September 8 last year.

An inquest in Lynn today (Monday, March 31) heard that Mr Watt and friend Deividas Alisauskas had a ride out to the coast and were travelling back when the incident happened. He also said that there had been some light rain.

In a statement, Mr Alisauskas said that he saw Mr Watt’s bike go down and his friend travel into the opposite lane. He said Mr Watt was unresponsive and after it had been established that he was not breathing people started CPR.

Jaguar driver, Malcolm Hall, who was holidaying in West Norfolk at the time, told the hearing that he had stopped the car ahead of the bend after seeing Mr Watt’s bike wobble.

Investigating officer PC Forbes Scott stated that the bike may have lost grip after “harsh breaking”.

Mr Watt later died in Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, after suffering severe brain injuries.

Coroner Jacqueline Lake recorded a verdict of death as a result of a road traffic collision. She added: “I am satisfied there was nothing further Mr Hall could do.”