Motorist criticises safety fence at King’s Lynn roundabout

The safety screens at the Pullover Roundabout
The safety screens at the Pullover Roundabout
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Motorists have criticised a safety screen which has been installed at an important Lynn roundabout.

A camouflage screen with wooden posts has been installed at the Pullover Roundabout by Norfolk County Council after a number of accidents at the site.

The council say the screen is working well and have plans to install another at the location.

But motorist Ben Carter says the screen has added 15 minutes onto his daily commute from Clenchwarton to Wisbech.

He said in a letter to the Lynn News: “This serves absolutely no purpose and has now made this approach more dangerous as the lines of traffic it has created are vying to get onto the roundabout and almost collide with oncoming traffic turning into the petrol station.

“To my knowledge this is not a renowned accident spot so what possible reason can there be for installing this stupid idiotic fence. Which gormless overpaid jobsworth signed this off?

“Please take it down before accidents become standard.”

But the county council say that the screens have been installed to increase safety and are working well since their installation.

A council spokesman said: “The new screens on the approach to the Pullover Roundabout have been installed to help improve safety at the site, after a number of tail-end collisions and overshooting incidents at that spot.

“These screens are a well proven safety system – used effectively at other roundabouts elsewhere in Norfolk and many more across the country.

“They work by deliberately reducing too-early visibility which slows drivers down on their approach, helping them to use the roundabout more safely.

“The screens were installed a couple of weeks ago and after visiting the site to monitor how it’s working, we will be extending them for a few extra metres further back along the approach road in the next few weeks.

“Like all new road layouts, it may take people a bit of time to get used to this new scheme – particularly if they are regular users of this route.

“But we are confident that it will help reduce the number of incidents at this site.”