New to the libraries at King’s Lynn and Gaywood

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Lifestyle & Leisure news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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New to King’s Lynn and Gaywood libraries this month are the following DVDs, CDs and books:


About time 12

Austenland 12

Blue Jasmine 12

Captain Phillips 12

Enough Said 12

The Fifth Estate 15

Filth 18

Girl Most Likely 12

How I live now 15

Justin and the Knights of Valour PG

Machete Kills 15

Prisoners 15

Reef 2: High Tide U

Runner runner 15

Super Buddies U

Turbo U


James Arthur – James Arthur

Beyonce – Beyonce

Killers – Direct hits

Lady Gaga – Artpop

London Grammar – If you wait

Lorde – Pure heroine

Various – The Trevor Nelson collection 2


Kimberley Chambers: Payback

When the enemy is one of your own, the payback is twice as hard. The Butler brothers are the Kings of the East End, and their motto is ‘what goes around, comes around’. In their world, family counts; so when the truth about Vinny’s nephew’s death comes to light, it rocks the Butlers to the core. One by one, Vinny’s friends and family are turning against him. Then, the unimaginable happens - Vinny’s little daughter Molly goes missing. She’s the one chink of light in all their lives, and the one they’d commit murders to bring back. But is it already too late for that?

Josephine Cox: The Runaway Woman

Lucy Lovejoy married her childhood sweetheart at 16, but since then she’s lost a little more of herself with each passing year. With her 40th birthday approaching, Lucy discovers that her good-for-nothing husband is having an affair with her sister, a double-betrayal for Lucy, and it shatters her. Sitting on a bench one day – she looks back at her life, and feels like she’s done nothing with it. So, mustering up all of her courage she decides to leave her family and the home she’s devoted so many years to, she decides to go out into the world and start a new life.

M. R. Hall: The Burning

In the icy, languid days following Christmas, a dense fog has settled over the Wye Valley. Local Coroner Jenny Cooper, still reeling after being abandoned by her partner for the festivities, is called to the scene of a dreadful tragedy: a house has been burned to the ground, revealing its terrible secrets. Before the fire began, a man, Ed Morgan, shot his two stepdaughters dead, before turning the gun on himself. His infant son is still missing. Jenny Cooper investigates.

Joanne Harris: The Gospel of Loki

With his notorious reputation for trickery and deception, and an ability to cause as many problems as he solves, Loki is a Norse god like no other. Demon-born, he is viewed with deepest suspicion by his fellow gods, who will never accept him as one of their own and for this he vows to take revenge. While Loki is planning the downfall of Asgard and the humiliation of his tormentors, greater powers are conspiring against the gods and a battle is brewing that will change the fate of the worlds.

Jonathan Kellerman: Killer

Psychologist sleuth Alex Delaware is on the trail of a vengeful killer after a baby goes missing.

Jill Mansel: The Unpredictable Consequences of Love

When Josh Strachan, newly returned to his home in north Cornwall from sunny California, first meets Sophie Wells, he’s immediately smitten. Sophie’s pretty, she’s funny, she has lots of friends and she clearly loves her job as a photographer, despite the sometimes tricky clients. There’s just one problem: Sophie has very firmly turned her back on love. And no one – even Sophie’s scatty best friend Tula – will tell him why. Josh is sure Sophie likes him, though, and he’s just got to find out what’s put her off romance. And then put things right.


Clare Dignall: Successful networking in 7 simple steps

This title follows seven simple steps to help pick your way through the minefield that is networking. Clare Dignall shows how to create new opportunities to maintain valuable relationships, and gives advice to survive any difficult moments along the way.

Matthew Helm: Genealogy online for dummies

This work covers everything users need to know about starting a genealogical research project – including where and how to find information, how to communicate with other online genealogists, and how to build your own site for sharing information. It also explains the use of compiled genealogies and public access Web catalogues.

Wendy Holden: Haatchi and Little B

On a bitterly cold night in January 2012, Haatchi the dog was hit over the head and abandoned on a railway line to be hit by a train. The driver saw the adorable five-month old Anatolian Shepherd moments too late. Somehow, the terrified puppy survived. A Facebook appeal brought him to the attention of a couple of kind-hearted dog lovers, Colleen Drummond and Will Howkins, who are also the dad and stepmum of Owen (known to his family as Little B for ‘little buddy’).

One look at Haatchi’s expressive face told them all they needed to know and the lucky dog moved into the Howkins’ family home just six weeks after almost being killed. Owen, now aged eight, has a rare genetic disorder and is largely confined to a wheelchair. When he awoke the morning after Haatchi arrived he immediately fell in love with the severely disabled rescue animal who would, in turn, rescue him.

Dave Myers, Si King: The Hairy Bikers’ Asia

This TV tie-in cookbook to ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure’ BBC series, airing in 2014, follows the boys’ travels through Thailand, Korea, Japan and Vietnam to put together their favourite Asian dishes. Journeying through the spice plantations, cardamom hills, buzzing street stalls, rice paddies and abundant coastlines of the great eastern continent, Si and Dave find the most exciting authentic recipes for you to cook at home.

Gareth Williams: The Viking ship

The Viking ship is one of the most iconic images of the Viking age. As well as including well-known vessels such as the spectacular ship-burials from Gokstad and Oseberg in southern Norway, ‘Viking Ships’ introduces the newly-conserved Roskilde 6 ship from Denmark.


Angry Birds Space Search and Find

Packed with amazing artwork with endless things to find, this Angry Birds search and find book is sure to keep young minds entertained and occupied.