New warning issued over call scam threat to West Norfolk residents

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Police have renewed their warnings for people to be vigilant against potential phone scams following more reports of West Norfolk residents being targeted this week.

Three people in the Lynn and North Wootton areas reported receiving suspicious calls on Tuesday.

Police say the callers claimed to be members of the Metropolitan or West Midlands forces, were holding someone they suspected of cloning the resident’s bank card and asked for bank details.

The cases follow a series of similar calls to residents in other parts of the borough, which were reported to police last month.

Chief inspector David Buckley said: “These kind of scams can cause distress to those affected. Fortunately with the most recent attempts the intended victims became suspicious and did not pass details over.

He added: “Neither the police nor a bank official would ask for your details over the phone. Please never give out any security information in this way.

“We are also advising people to remain vigilant to these kinds of crime and to raise awareness, particularly amongst vulnerable and elderly people.”

Anyone who suspects they have been targeted by similar scams, or who has been a victim of fraud, is urged to contact police on 101.