New Year baby for King’s Lynn couple

New Year's Day baby boy -Tim -  for Aleksandra Senkova.
New Year's Day baby boy -Tim - for Aleksandra Senkova.
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The new year has got off to a great start for a Lynn couple when their baby son decided to make an early appearance.

Baby Timur, known as Tim, was born early on New Year’s Day to the delight of parents Aleksandra Senkova and Dmitrijs Aleksejvs.

The youngster is one of seven babies who arrived at the Castle Acre Ward in Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on New Year’s Day.

Tim was expected to be born on Sunday but could not wait that long to meet his parents.

Miss Senkova, who comes from Latvia, said: “We have been waiting for him for nine months but when he arrived there were lots of tears, smiles and happiness.”

Miss Senkova was seeing in the new year at the couple’s home in Greenacre Avenue while Mr Aleksejvs worked his shift at Dow Chemicals in Lynn.

She said: “I started to feel that something was wrong but when it is your first baby you don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

“I saw the Russian new year at 8pm and then the Latvian New Year at 10pm.

“Suddenly I started to feel that I could not manage any more so I called the midwife for advice.”

Miss Senkova initially went to the hospital for a check but was sent home as her labour had not progressed far enough.

But as things moved on rapidly she returned to the hospital at 2am and was kept in.

But the labour was not easy for Miss Senkova as Tim’s head was not in the right position.

After three hours of pushing with no change in her condition, the decision was taken to give Miss Senkova a caesarian.

At 6.40pm, a healthy baby of 7lb 9oz finally arrived.

She said: “You prepare for labour by reading the information and hearing people talk. But no matter how prepared you are, everyone is different and all the preparation work I had done just went.

“But holding him was the most unbelievable feeling. I can’t describe it.

“The contractions were worse than the pushing.

“I am really pleased with the service at the hospital.”

Unfortunately Mr Aleksejvs missed the birth by 10 minutes as he was unable to leave until reinforcements arrived.

As Tim was due on Sunday, Mr Aleksejvs had booked time off for that period.

Miss Senokva said: “My partner had a serious conversation with Tim before he was born. He asked him to be a man of his word and arrive on January 5.

“But he came early. Things happen for a reason.”

Miss Senkova has been in contact with her family at home in Latvia who are looking forward to meeting the bonny baby.

The family are hoping to return to the country tomorrow.

Tim and his mum are expected to be discharged from hospital today.