No church bouquet boycott at Sandringham says Buckingham Palace - SEE PICS

Youngster with flowers leaving Sandringham on Sunday 5th Jan 2014
Youngster with flowers leaving Sandringham on Sunday 5th Jan 2014
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Youngsters left the Royal Estate at Sandringham still clutching bunches of flowers for the Queen after she was unable to collect them outside the church for the second Sunday in a row.

Hundreds gathered outside the Church of St Mary Magdalene to greet the 87-year-old monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh as they left the service to return to Sandringham House.

After waiting to collect flowers from record crowds on Christmas Day, the Queen departed immediately following the service last week and again this week, with police warning those who had arrived with bouquets that they could leave them by the church to be collected later.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Queen is always grateful for flowers and did collect them on Christmas Day, but is unable to accept them on every occasion.

“There had been rumours that the Queen had been late for lunch on Christmas Day and that this was why she was not collecting flowers the last two weekends, but this is not true.”

Long-time Royal watcher, Mary Relph, 79, of Shouldham, said: “The Queen stepped slowly out of the car and said good morning to the crowd before going into the service.

“When they came out, the Queen got back in the car but her lady-in-waiting collected the flowers and the car returned to collect them. I think it all got blown a bit out of proportion. ”

The Queen was accompanied by Lady Mary Colman on the journey, while the Duke of Edinburgh walked to the church with guests including Sir Timothy Colman.

The service was led by the Rev Jonathan Riviere, rector of Sandringham, with a sermon by the Bishop of Rochester.

An outstanding student from Springwood High School received a special award from the Queen after achieving four A* grades in maths, further maths, additional further maths and physics.

Darion Mayes, 18, of Fairstead, Lynn, attended the church with his mother, Tracey, and Andy Johnson, head of Springwood, where he was presented with a signed, complete works of Shakespeare by the Queen.

Darion is one of Britain’s brightest young mathematicians boasting the third highest in the country, and is off to study maths at Cambridge.