No ‘I’ in TEAM for these QEH Shining Stars

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“Good teamwork – that’s what keeps the patients safe.”

So says Sister Louise Mitchell, ward manager on Tilney ward at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Sister Mitchell and her team were winners of the award for Infection Control in last year’s QEH Shining Stars Award. They take pride in the fact that every member of the team

contributes to keeping the ward spotless and safe for their patients.

She said: “We are always looking for ways of improving the care of our patients. We pay particular attention to preventing pressure ulcers – many people will know these as

bed sores – and we have a daily meeting when we raise any issues of concern about particular patients.

“We work hard at encouraging patients to become independent again and the way we do this is by good teamwork and strong leadership.

“We always say ‘there’s no ‘I’ in TEAM – and we spell that out in capitals because it’s important. We all work together and we all take pride in what we do.

“Everyone on this ward from the domestics to the ward manager is concerned with keeping this a safe, clean environment for our patients. And that’s the basis of delivering safe care.”