Norfolk police praise teenagers for helping casualties in A47 crash

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Teenagers who witnessed the horrific crash have been praised for helping the three casualties.

Insp Bruce Gent said at least one student from East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre, in Gorlestone, got in the back of the Kia to provide first aid and reassurance to the family.

All three occupants of the car were pronounced dead at the scene. The lorry driver escaped from the collision, which happened at 11.15am, with minor injuries.

He said: “It was pretty horrific, road crashes are awful things but they were really brave youngsters.”

Students from the Uniformed Services course were on their way to a camping trip in Derbyshire when the accident happened.

Some of the students and staff suffered minor injuries after the transit van carrying their equipment collided with their minibus.

Teacher Emma Chambers, 27, said: “It was awful. When the car actually hit it was in slow motion.

“We all automatically responded and the students