OBESITY SPECIAL REPORT: Food was comfort for King’s Lynn’s Christine

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Following the publication of new figures which show that 70 per cent of people in West Norfolk are either overweight or obese, people who have been fighting their own battle with the scales have shared their stories.

One of them, Christine Norton, of Springwood, is literally aiming to be half the woman she used to be.
When she first began attending weight loss classes two years ago, she weighed 28 stone, eight pounds.



And, although she has lost more seven stone since then, she said that she is still only halfway towards her target weight.
Christine said the problem with her weight began when she was diagnosed with cancer several years ago.
She said: “I comfort ate and put on loads and loads of weight. It got to a point where the hospital gave me a wheelchair and said ‘If you keep putting on weight, you’ll end up in a wheelchair.’”

Christine, who admitted that she still has the wheelchair, was clear about one of the ways of fighting the area’s flab.

She said: “People have got to go back to basics and learn how to eat.”
And she said losing weight did not have to mean missing out on certain foods, as long as they were kept in moderation.
She said: “I still have a chocolate bar but instead of having one a day, I have one a week.”