On the West Norfolk Beat - Work to clamp down on drug scene goes on

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If you’ve long since stopped keeping your New Year’s Resolution, maybe you’ve decided to give up something for Lent?

I found a recent tweet from Solihull Police especially funny, when they tweeted “Dear criminals, please give up crime for Lent. Thank you, the police.”

I was almost tempted to try it here and see if it worked but thankfully we’ve got lots of other hands-on ways we can help reduce crime in West Norfolk.

This time last year we launched an operation to target drug users and dealers in the area.

This was hugely successful and the knock-on effect from removing these people from the streets is having an impact. We’re continually working on disrupting the drugs supply chain at every level.

Earlier this week we held a plain clothes operation in and around the town centre with two local dog handlers and their dogs. The dogs identified 25 “positive indications” – ie they could smell trace amounts of illegal drugs somewhere on their body.

Every person who was identified was then searched and a quantity of tablets was found on one person. This may not seem like much, but the message is quick to spread in a town like Lynn and we want drug dealers and drug users to know that we will catch them.

While we rarely tweet such simple messages ourselves, like asking criminals to give up crime for Lent, we do use our Twitter account to issue safety and security messages and keep the local community up to date with what we’re up to.

If following @kingslynn
police is a bit too technical for you then don’t worry – we still have our Police Direct scheme which issues weekly updates on local policing issues to the community via email or phone. You can sign up to that via www.norfolk.police.uk or contact your local SNT on 101.

I’ve certainly had an interesting February. One of the highlights was getting to meet The Queen at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

It’s great that she chooses to spend her Christmas in West Norfolk and so nice that she takes the time to get out and about in the area. I was lucky enough to be part of the crowd that met her when she opened the hospital’s new MRI scanner and took the chance to have a quick chat with her.

Now the weather is getting a little bit better (don’t want to speak too soon), we are starting to see a few more springtime crimes returning.

Now is the time when many people bring their bicycles out of the shed or garage and leave them unlocked in their back garden. This often leads to a rise in bike thefts at this time of year, so do please take sensible measures to lock your cycles – even in your back yard.

It’s similar with garden tools and machinery.

Most gardens have been a bit neglected over the winter and all it takes is a sunny weekend to get us all out to the DIY shop picking up new plants and tools. Secure valuable items away at the end of the day as they are very tempting to thieves.