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You may not know it but I’m a worrier. You name it and I’ll be fretting about it immediately.

It’s my default setting and it’s become a bad habit that only gets exaggerated by my dreadfully cynical outlook on my fellow man and our continuing downward spiral into a world of me-too blandness and the lack of drive, imagination and ambition that seems to envelop so many of us.

That’s too wide a statement and I appreciate that not everyone skulks at home, slumped in a chair whilst gawping at internet screens or computer gaming consoles.

There are many who are rivetted by the antics of our beloved soap stars who, when they aren’t murdering each other in their fictional world, are being photographed in their beautiful homes with their latest partners... usually lolling on a sofa! Anyway, I digress.

Worries! Ah yes, that was it! I’ve been tormented by a letter in last Friday’s Lynn News from a man called Mr Gordon Eagle who is worried about the council’s rubbish contract with a firm who specialise in these things.

Strictly speaking, I think the details involve “waste disposal” and in essence it seems that Mr Eagle is unsure about the provenance of this company who have signed a mega-million pound agreement to perform unimaginable feats of recycling wizardry on the 35,000 tonnes of unspeakably vile waste that we produce each year.

Now, our letter writer opines that this business doesn’t seem to have a long and venerable track record in this field as it only came into existence in June 2012 and although it would appear that six months isn’t long to get things up and running I have to admit to having little knowledge of either multi million pound council contracts or the operation of a waste disposal business.

I’m pretty damn sure that councillor Long et al will have drilled down into Material Works history and bearing in mind the numbers involved I think you can safely assume that the council’s fine tooth comb has been employed prior to the signing away of 
millions of pounds of our money.

It is entirely possible that the council will respond to his letter and address the writer’s insinuation that they have entered into a contract with a business consisting of one director and no known pedigree and I shall be only too pleased to see it.

However, my main fears will not be allayed by a simple promise and some political soft soap assuring us that all is well and the contract is bomb proof, water tight and utterly binding ... oh no!

My main fear will die down when I know exactly what they propose to recycle the dog poo, cat litter and dirty nappies into exactly!

I have my own pet theories but they are not for polite company or the pages of this newspaper... however, I am prepared to recycle suggestions from inventive readers as to what one could use these materials for.

I await your replies (and Cllr Long’s) with bated breath and a little trepidation.

Letters to the Ed in the usual way please!

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